Discover our special Dev service packages

Need to improve existing technologies or create new ones? Wondering how to maximize the benefits of cloud computing while minimizing costs? Our Development special packages will help you identify potential risks and areas of improvement and meet your organization's business and technical goals.

We are ready to deliver results in 2 weeks!

Check these Dev special packages


Tech Research

Staying Relevant

  • Technical recommendation
  • Benchmark report
  • Code example and more


Cloud Optimization

Boost Your Business Performance

  • Storage optimization plan
  • Architecture proposal
  • Cost reduction estimation and more


Cloud Infra Starter Pack

From the Ground to the Cloud

  • App Scaffolding Repository
  • CI/CD scripts for deployment
  • Infrastructure as code and more


Architecture Review

Going Deep to Going Better

  • Strengths & weakness report
  • New architecture proposal
  • Security report and more


Cloud Security Assessment

Safety First

  • Security report
  • Incident response plan
  • Access control policies and more


Application Performance Optimization

Improving Performance

  • Refactoring proposal
  • Deployment optimization proposal
  • Caching proposal and more

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